Preparing for your appointment

7-14 days prior to your brow appointment STOP all use of products containing RETINOL, RETIN-A, or GLYCOLIC.

You MUST be off of Acutane for at least 12 months in order to be able to wax.

7 days prior to your Brow/Wax Appointment please avoid:
- Chemical Peels
- Microdermabrasion
- DermaPlaning
- Micro-Neediling
- Sunburn
- Extended Sun Exposure or Tanning beds
- Brow Waxing

Your skin may be more sensitive if you are: PREGNANT, DIABETIC, on your MENSTRUAL CYCLE, or taking ANTIBIOTICS

If you have SKIN SENSITIVITIES or ALLERGIES please let Mickala know prior to your service

Please be aware that waxing may cause (all temporary and generally fade within 72 hours):
-Tenderness of the Skin
-Small Bumps (welts)

It is VERY important to not touch the freshly waxed area! Any bacteria on our fingers can get into the freshly waxed skin and cause breakouts.

Brow/ Wax appointment

-Do not submerge or wet your brows for 24-48 hours

-Avoid hot steam, saunas/hot tubs, sweating, and working out for 24-48 hours

-Avoid touching the area to avoid risk of transferring oils
(touching the freshly waxed skin can cause breakouts)

-Do not apply makeup to the brows 24 hours post- treatment

-Do not apply Retin-A, AHA, or exfoliate the area for 72
hours after the treatment

-No Self- Tanning products should be used on the face for
48 hours post- treatment

-Apply Brow Balm/ Brow oil daily
(suggested before bed or when not wearing brow makeup)

-Comb hairs into place daily while wet

-Hold brows into place with a clear brow gel
(brow hairs will still move around naturally, they are not stuck in place)


Permanent Makeup Appointment

To give you the best results possible following the restrictions below are crucial to ensure your skin is in the best possible condition to work on.

60 DAYS PRIOR - Do not get a chemical peel
28 DAYS PRIOR- No Botox/Filler

If taking any Antibiotic Medication, they MUST fully be out of your system for 7 Days
NO tanning or have a sunburned

DO NOT tweeze, wax, tint, thread, or apply any other hair removal
DO NOT use Retinols/Retin-A or other anti-aging/acne creams
Do NOT apply any serums containing acids on eyebrows

48 HOURS PRIOR- DO NOT take Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Niacin, Vitamin E,
Fish Oil (Omega 3) or CoQ10

24 HOURS PRIOR- NO Alcohol or Caffeine

-Avoid submerging or wetting your brows for 24-48 hours

- Avoid hot steam, hot tubs, saunas, and hot showers
for the first 24-48 hours

-Avoid exfoliating or scrubbing the area

-Avoid exfoliating products on the brows,such as
Retin-A, AHA's, and Glycolic

-Avoid heavy creams and oily products on or around the brow area

-Tint can last up to 7 days on the skin (depending on your skin type & lifestyle) and up to 6 weeks on the brow hairs

-Avoid Spray tanning 3 days prior & 3 days after, as the solutions could alter the color of the brow tint

Brow Lamination

Brow Tint

Taking care of your new brows/ lips after treatment is extremely important to how your eyebrows will look after they are fully healed and the longevity of your eyebrows.

DAY 1- Brows will be sore, swollen, and appear red. Keep clean and dry, do not touch your eyebrows!

DAYS 2-4- Brows will appear bolder, thicker and start developing a thin layer of scab, continue keeping your brows dry and clean.

DAYS 5-14- Scabs will flake and shed, DO NOT PICK!! Apply a rice grain amount of aftercare ointment on each eyebrow with a cotton swab and clean hands, spread a VERY THIN layer of the ointment across the treated area every morning and night. Brows should not appear greasy, glossy or shiny, if so you used too much, as this can suffocate the skin and delay healing. Never apply ointment on wet or damp tattoo.
Continue ointment until your brows are no longer scabbing.

DAYS 15-30- After day 14 you may return to your normal routines. After the scabs shed off the brows will appear very light, this is called the "ghosting" phase. It will look like they have disappeared or the pigment didn't take, don't worry this is a normal part of the process.

DAY 30- Brow pigment will return to a soft natural color. You will still need the 6 week touch up to perfect the shape and color.

*After healing be sure to protect your brows with SPF as UV Rays will fade the color faster.

Permanent makeup